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Accurate Pickup and Drop Off with Route Monitoring.

Wide selection of vehicles

7 Vehicle Categories

Mirror Meter

Meter Display on Travel Partner Application during trip is displayed on Passenger Application too.

Mobile Solution

24/7 Accessibility
Direct Accessibility to obtain Vehicles
Ability to Self-Monitor trip

Reasonable Rates

Reasonable rate structure available for Passengers and Travel Partners.

Place Bookings for others

Place bookings on behalf of friends and family
Monitor bookings placed for others

Location sharing

Share your location with family and friends

Favorite Travel Partner Option

Save your Travel Partner as Favorite Travel Partner and directly request them using the Application.

Pre-Book Vehicles

Option of pre-booking vehicles.

Ability to Place Bookings via Website

Place bookings by accessing the YouCab website and entering your number registered with YouCab.

Payment flexibility

Cash and Credit Cards
Dialog eZ Cash
Mobitel m-Cash
DFCC Vardhana Wallet

Travel Partner Rating

Travel Partner can be rated at the end of each trip.